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    filter for movie trailer voice over?

    StanWelks Level 1

      Does anyone know of a filter I can use in CS6 or purchase that will enable me to alter my voice to sound more like one of those scholarly sounding voice overs used for movie trailers?



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          Level 4

          Maybe you don't need a " filter" for after the fact.. you may be able to make your voice sound like that as you record it....

          For example, if you wanna sound like a smart person from New England states.. you can put a clothes pin on your nose as you speak.


          Use words like, " one has to know one's history to know one's potential, doesn't one ? "


          Alternately, if you wanna sound like someone from the SouthWest.. like Texas for example, you can talk through a sock....just roll up a common cotton sock and speak through it into mic....and use words like, " Heck, it aint rocket science to know about the history of this place ! "


          add some background stuff like cattle braying and you're in like Flint !



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            Level 4

            Also....dont forget you can speed up recording to get a higher pitch...like if you wanna sound like a really smart Munchkin....( movie trailer for Wizard Of Oz for example )...you can just talk normally, then speed up the recording...

            Use words like, " We are the Munchkins and have a death certificate ready to fill in the blanks for the wicked witch of the east ! "


            But be careful with this because it's a fine line between sounding like a chipmunk and a munchkin !



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              joe bloe premiere Level 5
              ...alter my voice to sound more like ...voice overs used for movie trailers?

              This would make a great feature request!



              If they can add the "Automate To Emmy" function,

              surely this one is possible too.


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                Jim_Simon Level 9

                The Thunder Throat VST plug-in in still in beta.  The developers have it working fairly well with male voices, but fearing gender and age discrimination lawsuits, they want to make sure it's fully compatible with both women's and children's voices before officially releasing it.

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                  Steven L. Gotz Level 5

                  All kidding aside, and yes it helps to be born with a deep voice if that is what you want, perhaps you just need to speak as clearly as possible and use Adobe Audition to lower your voice and perhaps ever so slightly add some reverb.


                  I sat for a moment trying to figure out how to provide an example. My voice is not the best choice for lowering much, but try playing around with the effects in Audition. You may find that the vocal enhancer added to lowering the pitch might be what you need.


                  Or, have someone else record your intro.

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                    Taverino Level 2

                    I use this fun little app to convert my voice when needed:




                    You train it to the timbre of your natural voice. You then record your voice over in your natural voice which is converted in real-time to the selcted voice "personality". On my computer it does not work directly with the recording feature of Premiere Pro, but it does work within Audition. Usually I just record within the MorphVOX app and then import the audio file into my Premiere Pro project.


                    It usually does a pretty good job for me, but sometimes several passes and tweaking are needed to get it just right.