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    How do you Fill a new Imported Form


      Brand new to Form Central... Imported a PDF Form but now I don' know how to fill it..


      If I open the Form it shows that Fromcentral screen and a tab that shows imported form and asks where I want the submit button. The other tabs are for options, distribute, view responses and summary report.


      If I go to View responses and try to run a test (becasue there are no responses) it says there is an error, try reopening the Form and opens up the Form manager windo which just repeats things....


      I have no links to fill the form or know how to get to any link to fill the form....


      What do I need to do?

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

          When you use the "Import PDF Form" feature, it will upload your PDF to our server where the form fields are recognized and mapped to the View Responses tab, in order to fill out the form you would go to the Distribute tab and click "Save as Submission Enabled PDF".  This will download a new PDF to your computer that is now set up for users to fill out, it has a Submit button that when they click it the data is sent back to FormsCentral and will appear on the View Responses tab.


          I hope that is helpful, I see the flow you were describing and see there are issues there, we'll address those (you got into a state where it sort of appears that you can distribute the form as a web form, which you cannot, it will only be in PDF format).



          Josh Corey

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            cwnow Level 1

            Thanks I will give that a try… It should work in that manner for what we want to do as well.


            Much appreciate your quick response...