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    I need to batch change the transparency resolution on 1,000+ .eps files. Help!


      When batch processing actions in Illustrator, it will not allow me to change the Transparency Resoluition and I have over 1,000 eps files to process. You can only select from the dropdown by doing it manually. The "default" or preset is Medium. I need high res.


      This is what I need to do to 1,000+ eps files.


      1. EPS file is open in Adobe Illustrator CS6 on Windows.

      2. File > Save As> filename.eps > Desktop

      3. EPS Options > Transparency > Preset: [High Resolution]

      4. OK


      When you automate this through batch processing an action, you cannot select [High Resolution]. [Medium Resolution] is selected as default. I need for all my files to be [High Resolution].


      My printer software will not read the cutlines on any other file formats so they must be High Res EPS files.


      Is there a script that can get this done? Please help! Thanks