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    Create a custom action to a form field



      I am looking to try and create a custom action to a form field in indesign. I would like for this action to transfer a piece of syntax to acrobat pdf. Then once in acrobat activate the form fields. The form field will have this syntax built in and then. This pdf will then be uploaded to website that will allow for customization of the pdf, i.e name, phone number etc and also the option to add an image.


      I am not sure if this is even possible, but thought i would put it out there


      thanks so much -

      sarah sego

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This MAY be possible but it would have to be programmed in JavaScript in Acrobat. It can't be done in InDesign.


          You would have to ask in the Acrobat Forms forum.

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            Kasyan Servetsky Level 5

            Off the top of my head:

            In InDesign you can get/set the name of a button...



            ...and export your data to a text file where each record (line) contains two/three/etc. fields: button name, trigger and the code for your custom action.


            In Acrobat, you can read the data from the file converting them to array in which every element is two/three/etc. elements array: button name, trigger and the code. Then you can loop through each element getting buttons with getField method...


            ...end setting the action, like so:


            The button with new action attached: