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      Hi, I need to create a process where I can set up a form, the client and I can pass this form back and forward to each other. This is a home building selections form which can take weeks to complete when the client has available time. I've tried a PDF but I can't seem to save part way through? Any ideas? thanks, Adam.

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

          What happens when you try to save the PDF when you are filling it out?  The PDF can be saved partially completed, opened again and filled in some more etc.  The workflow you are describing would work as long as you don't mind either emailing this PDF back and forth or storing in some shared storage like Dropbox.  Are you using Adobe Reader or Acrobat to fill out and then save the PDF?  What version?



          Josh Corey

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            Adgas1 Level 1

            Hi Josh, The save function does not seem to be an option in the PDF version. Also I can't actually insert any text into the PDF. Emailing  the PDF back and forth is good really. First time user of Adobe FormsCentral Plus (purchased 25th April 2013) and says Acrobat at top of screen.


            Thanks Josh

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              Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

              It does not sound to me like you are opening the PDF in Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat.  When you say "it says Acrobat at the top of the screen", do you mean that the URL in the web browser when you are signed into FormsCentral includes "acrobat"? 


              It sounds like you are downloading the PDF and then opening it in a program that is not Adobe Reader or Acrobat, the experience you describe is what would happen in another PDF viewer.  Try downloading Adobe Reader http://get.adobe.com/reader/ and make sure that the PDF opens in Adobe Reader, in Reader there is a "Save" button along the top (5th button, looks like a floppy disk).


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                Adgas1 Level 1

                Hi Josh, You were right! Now I have the correct Adobe reader and actually open with this, it works correctly. I've tested editing as though i'm a client and then emailing to my other email address a few times back and forth. It all works well! thanks for your help.