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    FTP upload progress info

    Rod Lord

      When I'm delivering to client and uploading several movies of up to a Gb or more I quite like to have some idea of progress.


      So I've got used to opening the Log window.


      This is fine as long as there's only one file going up.


      The moment there's more the progress bar ceases to function and is replaced by a bit of text that says something like "0 of 5 files uploaded".


      This gives a slowly increasing count as each file completes, but absolutely no notion of progress on each file.


      Also, although Dreamweaver is obviously still open the moment it is no longer the foreground application the Log window disappears.


      Files Window is still there - but no Log window or progress bar. Not very helpful when trying to keep an eye on large uploads as deadline looms.


      Also ... I hate tabs and always use document windows instead. Unfortunately I can't convince Dreamweaver not to fill the entire screen area every time a new document is opened.

      This is extremely tiresome as I have to drag the size adjustment for every one so that I can still see other pages and documents in other applications simultaneously. This happens a lot with Adobe applications which all seem to be impossible to convince not to behave like this.


      Even Word is capable of remembering the last document window size and position.


      Not sure if these things are something I can sort with preference settings ?


      If so I have failed to stumble across any info.

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          Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I never use DW to FTP large media files.  I always use FileZilla for this.  It shows me everything I need.


          I very much like tabbed viewing; wouldn't work any other way.  But to answer your question, DW does not remember window size.  You're not the first person to mention this.


          Feel free to submit a feature request below.  




          Nancy O.

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            Rod Lord Level 1

            Thank you Nancy.


            No point in our debating the pros and cons of tabbed viewing as it's probably just down to familiarity anway.


            But in my case it may also have a lot to do with having always used Macs since 1993 - and I'm guessing you've always used Windows.


            Dreamweaver offers the choice of document windows instead of tabs, but then proceeds to negate that choice by insisting on filling the entire screen !


            I'll follow your suggestion and submit a request.