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    Anyone using AMD Radeon HD 7800 series graphics card?


      I'm having a lot of glitchy problems with Photoshop CS6.  I believe it's because of the graphics card.  The image keeps disappearing and reappearing as I make adjustments, the Waccom table controls (for sizing brushes) suddenly stops working.  When I touch the Waccom pen to tablet the cursor turns into a spinning tarus.  I reboot, and it's OK for a little while, then starts acting up again.  I've changed the Graphics Processor Settings from Advanced, to Normal, to Basic.  Same problem no matter what.

      I'm running on Windows 8.  Intel i5 processors.  The program is loaded on an SSD drive.  The scratch disk is 3 TB so it shouldn't be a memory/space issue.  The card driver is up to date.

      Anybody else with this graphics card having the same problem?