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    live update animate anchor point not working

    Netcommercial Level 1

      Hello Thanks for looking in...


      I read the update via Adobe using that search phrase. I treid a few things on that page, like Purge memory, update using only Bridge open. I am using Version 11.0.2 AE CS6


      I am doing a tutorial for animating my anchor point followed the steps twice. Reset my workspace but I am not getting the same result as Chris Meyers screen on COD.


      With his, it shows I am able to undock my Anchor edit screen and do a side by side like this pic

      side by side AP.PNG


      Here are the key points of the track is there the anchor points are there, yet my update in the comp is not. Nor will it Render. See pic below for point outs please

      side by side AP.PNG

      Thanks for any help on this....Must be a button or something?

      My Rig is

      16gb of Ram with 9 dedicated Just AE open at the moment.

      100 gb of available SSD drive

      Win7 Pro

      AE is up to date...