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    Using ratings filter


      I am new to Photoshop Elements 11.  I have been working through the Classroom in  a Book (which for the most part is excellent) and trying to apply each lesson to my own photos.  When I use the ratings filter with the CIB catalog of photos it works fine.  But when I apply it to my own it doesn't.  I follow the exact procedures but it doesn't seem to work the same way.  After I have applied some star ratings to my photos, and I have all media displayed in the media browser, I go up to the filter by ratings stars and click on one of them (for example, I click on five stars).  I would expect that the browser would eliminate all the images except those with a five star rating.  This is how it works with the CIB images.  But with mine, only some of the displayed images are eliminated, and the ones with five stars are scattered amongst the remaining images.  For all of them that did not meet the criteria, there is a small circular badge with a slash line through it at the upper right of the thumbnail.  I cannot get this function to perform correctly despite numerous attempts.  The only thing I see as different from the CIB work is that I have stacked my photos into 5 stacks.  But when I try using the ratings filter, I have expanded the stacks to show all 116 images.  Please suggest something I can try to do differently.  Thanks much.