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    Canon .MXF Files no Longer Opens in AE

    Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

      This is for .MXF files shot on a Canon XF300.  Things were working fine, but suddenly I am unable to open those mxf files in AE CS6.  Even projects previously created with AE CS6 now won't open, and give me the 'file damaged or unsupported' error message in AE. The file locations are identical.   I've found workarounds, but they fall a very long way short of the convenience of using Dynamic Link from the Premiere Pro CS6 timeline.  There are lots of hits if you Google, but most go back a version or two, or suggest converting the MXF clips to an AE friendly format.  Like I say... doable, but it used to work fine, and I'd love to fix it so I can get back to using AE direct from Premiere Pro.  Any help would be much appreciated.   [EDIT]  Other file types are working fine.