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    LR4.4 error messages not found when looked up

    King Tut's Mom Level 1

      I finally caved and ordered LR 4.4  Problems.

      1.. slow downloading from 8 and 16GB cards in raw....seemed faster in LR3, but hadn't used 16GB cards there....read some on this, but how are you supposed to refresh in the middle of a download?  It would just cancel everything.


      2.  When pics show up in Library be4 they are downloaded and I click on Loupe view, sometimes they are full size, and some times they pop up real tiny in the center of the oupe, like a tiny slide....once that happens, none of the pics go back to full size, so I can't review them to see which ones I don't want to download.


      3.  Sometimes when I "unclick" the download check box, after I hit the forward or backward arrow, it rechecks the box...when I go fromlouype view to the s"see all" view, however, the unchecked ones are indeed unchecked, usually, but I have to keep going back and forth to look and see if they are unchecked or checked.


      4.  Twice now I have gotten a box popped up at the end of the download that says"  The following files were imported but could not be renamed>"  Then it lists the files, which are all of them......


      5.  Finally, and most disturbing, my latest download has on almost every pic across the top, "The file named "IMG_1234.dng" is offline or missing."   WHAT???????  And the pics that it says that on are very blurry.  The pics that this message is NOT on are sharp.

      I was reluctant to buy LR$/4.4 and hesitated, and now I am even more unhappy...wanted to wait for 5, but no one could tell me when it was coming and I just took a couple of thousand pics in China and am anxious to see them.  Please help me, as I am off this weekend and was really hoping to plow into them.

      King Tut's Mom