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    Broken internet


      MY html files work locally but not when I upload them to my hosting service. How come?

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          heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

          What method did you use to upload?


          Are you sure ALL the published files were uploaded?



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            beeco Level 1

            The 5 files are in the root of the url (the same exact locations as the original ones, that worked, were in).  There is one PNG file that is in a folder named images, right off of the root directory.  The rest of the page is totally made up of text phrases that are built within edge.  Could there be anything that hosting provider needs to have?  Or, do I have the options set correctly in the publishing dialogue?



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              shadowfax007 Level 1

              You said this above:

              The 5 files are in the root of the url (the same exact locations as the original ones, that worked, were in).  There is one PNG file that is in a folder named images, right off of the root directory.




              What about the "edge_includes" folder?

              I just posted to another thread related to teh same issue that may help:


              Can you show us the structure of your root folder?

              Have you created a custom CSS file?

              Have you used custom fonts?



              Here are the steps to upload:


              1. Go to "publish Settings" inside Edge and add the "Publish as static HTML" if you wish.  If you do this, Edge creates a folder called "Publish".  Inside this, go to the webfolder "web", grab all the contents and upload to your root folder on your site.  this is not necessary - you can publish directly from the working directory that edge creates when you set up an animation without "Publishing".


              2. Make sure the HTML file, as well as the "edge_includes", "images", "css" (if you created a separate css file) and "fonts" (if you added custom fonts) folders and the 3 edge"js files" are uploaded to your root folder.


              3. Using your browser of choice, you should be able to see what you made!


              I emphasized the above folders and files because I have seen where if you have an external CSS stylesheet, or a custom font, without these uploaded the page WILL be blank :-)

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                beeco Level 1

                I did not use any external stylesheet or custom font.  I've included a screenshot of my local edge_includes folder and the edge_includes folder of the Go Daddy server.  As you can see there are discrepancies and there's an extra file locally.  I've been using the edge program since I joined the cloud last August.  I've been assuming it doesn't work because it is a huge animation and that I had too many images (50-70). So I tried last week to publish just small one and to my surprise that didn't work either.  Also, ever since I upgraded to version 1.5 one of my images is blurred when I test it in the chrome browser but it works fine when I play it inside the Edge development software. So this prompted me to try it in I.E. where it works fine. I guess this must be a problem with the Google Chrome browser and HTML 5 compatibility.  Note!  On the screen shot the lower group is the local edge_includes folder.



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                  shadowfax007 Level 1



                  It looks like you may have started the project with Edge 1.0 (edge.1.0.0.js file) and then upgraded.

                  you need the  edge.1.5.0.js  file that is NOT on the GoDaddy server uploaded.


                  I'd suggest removing that file from both instances (edge.1.0.0.js file) - don't delete it - I may be wrong but I don't think it is needed at all now...


                  Then re-upload the entire project (delete it from GoDaddy to be safe) after testing in Edge (Cntrl/return) that everything still works - since you don't have the edge.1.5.0.js file uploaded, this is probably why you are having problems.


                  If you are still having problems and everything is the same on both servers, please send a screenshot of the root folder on GoDaddy as well :-)

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                    beeco Level 1

                    Thanks very much.  I got it working. I don't entirely understand it because

                    it didn't work last October either.  It makes no difference. First I was

                    blind but now I see.