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    Repeated Installations Required


      Hello, I have to keep reinstalling Flash Player 11. 7.700.169. whenever i log on to the internet.


      I have Windows 7, 64 bit, and explorer 64. I use a D-link 655 Router and my primary computer is an ethernet connect.


      I have downloaded, installed, and received adobe confirmation of the success, at that point it works fine as long as I do not end my internet session.


      However, the next time I log on any site that uses Adobe Flash Player tells me that I need to download it. This is really tiresome. When I check my control panel, it says that I have the proper version loaded, but I still need to download it again to get it working. The only oddity that I have found is that the control panel icon for Adobe flash panel has (32) next to it.


      Is there a setting I have overlooked? I enabled just about everything, and it still happens.  This is driving me crazy.