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    WHY MY CS 6 Membership CC from  February 2013 to February 2014 doesn't permit me to use CS6 in two

    Claudio Covini


      I have a problem because when I open CS6 a window remember me my subscription is finishing in 2 days ? I have right now controlled it and it espires on FEBRUARY 2014 and I payed it for the month of April 3 /4 days ago.... Here it is..


      Abbonamento singolo a Creative Cloud per Photoshop (rinnovo annuale) (€ 19,99 Mensile) | modifica   
      Stato dell'abbonamento:Attivo
      Periodo di vincoloUn anno
      Data di fatturazione successiva:24-mag-2013
      Acquistato il:24-feb-2013


      Please let me know why ??


      Claudio Covini

      Adobe member