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    Popup vs. ... what are my options?

      We are porting a huge CRUD type application that relies on many popup windows for entering the "detail" side of master-detail relationships. The design can't change - have to keep the popups, or at least something that "looks" like a popup to the end user. These detail popups typically have several ComboBoxes that must be sourced dynamically from a database. If I embed the data service to load these combo items in each respective popup, then there is a noticeable delay for the end user while the pop up initializes. This is ok once (the first time), but not every time they try to edit a detail record. We've initially solved it by loading the ComboBox data into the parent, and then passing a reference to the popup. That works, but it makes the parent component bloated with code that really belongs in the popup, and then we have to duplicate code on any screen that needs that popup. And there are dozens of these popups on each screen. What are my options? I basically need to initialize a child window once (have the ComboBoxes loaded) no matter how many times the user opens and closes it. I'm using TitleWindows for these popups at the moment. Thanks for any ideas.
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          levancho Level 3
          well thats quite easy, have a seperate service that returns items for combo boxex etc make it as dataprovider
          and call servie only once at creationcomplete and then reuse result
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            Gyrfalc Level 1
            That's what we're doing - putting the service is in the parent window - but as I said, it adds a lot of code to the parent window that "doesn't belong there", and then we have to do it all over again when we use the popup on another screen. And the communication between all the various popups and the parent is getting out of control. Very messy. We have this working, but what we're looking for is a cleaner, simpler approach. Has anyone done this in a way that you can somehow encapsulate all interactions that are required? For example, say you had a "Comment Editor" that you needed to drop into many different screens, and have it come up as a popup. On this editor was a "Comment Type" combo box that was sourced dynamically from a database. The way we have it set up now, every parent component that uses it would have to initialize the comment type list. And ditto for every other popup. I'm looking for some ideas on how to make this sort of thing reusable with a minimal amount of wiring. Is there a way, maybe, to make some sort of global "List Manager" that handles initialization of all the ComboBox sources?
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              Gyrfalc Level 1
              We went with the "List Manager" concept, by creating a class that encapsulates all data retrievals needed by every ComboBox in the system. These are lazy loaded, in the sense that if a screen needs, say, list A, B, and C, that screen submits those requests to a queue in the ListManager. When all the list data are retrieved from the database (they may already be there from a previous call), the ListManager raises an event and the caller knows the data is ready. The serialization is important, because the Combos have to be sourced before you can set the value to display. The ListManager holds only the data, as ArrayCollections converted from XML, and is used as a singleton. The ArrayCollections are made available to any screen that needs to source a combo box.