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    Office 2004, FlashPaper & Leopard

    dodsonmd Level 1
      FlashPaper worked great in Tiger. Leopard is running smooth with the exception of printing from OFfice 2004. The driver shows up in the printer list without problem, but as soon as I select it in print dialog box the application closes, both Word and Excel. I've done all the usual fix stuff and re-installed contribute 3 and the 3.11 update. No change. Can't find much support for FlashPaper/Mac on the Adobe site. Any ideas on a fix, or some other way to print an Excel doc as a .swf?
      Thanks in advance. John
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          dodsonmd Level 1
          I think the difficulty is that FlashPaper driver in probably not compatible with the Intel Macs. The driver in the printers folder, main library, lists it as Plug-in (PowerPC). I can't find an update or replacement for the Intel version. I can't explain why it seemed to work fine under Tiger??
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            I have the same issue. After installing Leopard Flashpaper had disappeared as a printer and I had to re-detect it. Trying to print from any Office application using Flashpapaer crashes the application. I do NOT think this is an Intel Mac problem per se, as FP was quite happy running within Tiger 10.4.10 on my Intel-based Mac Mini. I spotted you also have a post on the Mac Forums (no replies yet).

            My workaround at the moment is to fire up an XP Bootcamp or Parallels session and create the swf from the relevant Office app in that environment. If you don't have that setup and you need something urgently try www.scribd.com
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              MacChap Level 1
              UPDATE: Flashpaper works fine in Leopard when usining non-Office apps, such as printing a PDF to SWY using Preview. Looks like we have Microsoft firmly in the loop on this one and it therefore may take a wee while to resolve it .........
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                dodsonmd Level 1
                MacChap, thanks a million for the reply. I felt like I was lost in the Adobe wasteland.
                Here's what happens when I try to use FP in Preview. I can save my Excel file as a PDF, then open it in Preview easily. When I try to print Flashpaper from Preview, I get the print dialog box, hit Print, and a millisecond flash of the Save box comes and disappears, the printer icon appears in the Dock for 3-4 seconds and then closes. No file is produced???
                I looked at the scrid site, looks like a great idea, but I can't figure out how to download my document as a swf from their site, or how to embed that file in my web page by copying their embed code.
                I really appreciate your help with this, its been driving me nuts since I updated to Leopard.
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                  Hi John

                  You are right - I've tried searching for the swf doc that I thought had printed and it doesn't exist. I then opened the FlashPaper printer queue and dragged a PDF onto it ... very briefly an error message appeared: 'set effective user id failed' There's also another occasional error: 'PDETest .... and a bit more' but it flashes so quickly I haven't been able to capture it all yet. I'll do some more investigating and post my findings.

                  With Scribd you basically upload a document to their servers, which gets converted to swf. You mark this doc as 'private' so it doesn't get published to the world at large, then go into the My Docs section where there is an advanced EMBED option that will give you the necessary code to embed it on any web page. The created SWF is branded Scribd with a link back to them though. I guess you might be able to use a flash grabber such as available at www.browsertools.net to pull the file down to use directly on your own server.

                  Now, how much Adobe approve of all that use of Flashpaper I don't know ....

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                    dodsonmd Level 1
                    For whatever reason, Adobe does not seem to be interested in supporting Flashpaper for Mac. I own Flash CS3, and would be glad to run it through there if I could end up with an interactive file like that made by FP. I can easily generate a swf file, but it might as well be a jpg or png (only in a smaller file size). At least with FL you could open it in another page, zoom it, print, etc. There is a app called Print2Flash at http://print2flash.com/index.php, that seems to do the trick, but is Windows only.
                    Thanks again. John
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                      MacChap Level 1
                      I wondered if this was some form of permission issue, having received the effective user id error. I therefore logged in as root and tried printing but still receive the same errors. Haven't yet tried verifying/repairing disk permissions, but I doubt it's that ...
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                        dodsonmd Level 1
                        I did the permissions thing = no help.

                        Scribd will do the trick and let me download a FP file, but their system gets really clogged up. I uploaded a one page pdf last night and it took over eight hours for it to show up in converted form. Great idea, execution needs some work.

                        Wonder what Adobe plans to put in the place of Flashpaper? There seems to be a need to something like this, or it needs to be built in the the Flash app itself.