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    Better color correction techniques in Photoshop?

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      I am taking photos of parts for a client.  I've got a pretty good method down with correcting the originals to achieve the results I need.  First here is the original.  I'm using different color temp light sources, the walls of the photo box are slightly gray, and the table the parts are sitting on are white.  So i'm trying to achieve the most accurate camera settings to get the original below:






      After doing levels and exposure correction in PSD, I get what I want.  See below:






      There's just one issue I want to know how to do but haven't figured it out yet.  I played around with the channel mixer and color balance to see if I can properly correct the object so it looks like gray steel, and not having that slight yellow/green tint to it.



      The only way I could figure it out is to just turn off the hue saturation and it gives it a somewhat decent result as seen below:






      But suppose my object is made of gold, or has a piece of plastic on it that's red; if so, then turning off the saturation will not work.



      Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can use other controls in PSD to achieve a more accurate result?



      Thanks --



      The Deaf Guy