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    Relinking image files in Indesign CS6 library


      I have a customer that has created more than 300 page templates stored as libary files.They are distributing the library across multiple properties in their organization and  in each instance, on the "other" servers, all images linked in the templates come up as "Broken links" when placed on a page in the new location. Hypothecically all of the imags in the original libary are linked to \\fileserverA\Images and I need to do a batch update to relink all linked items to \fileserverB\Images. I would like to find a way to do this without have to each template on to a page individually, fix the link and place back into library.  I know there is a preference that will use "most recent folder" when updating links, but i want to fix the problem globally in the Library file rather than leave it to each individual to do the right thing