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    PPro CS5.5 Rendering Options - Cannot get smooth video

    deimosphobos Level 2

      Hi folks.


      U have burnt a lot of time trying all sorts of setting, snake oil, and even a chant or two.


      I have just recently aquired a Panasonic AC90. I am having trouble rendering the video to be as smooth as the original files from the camcorder.


      My goal, in the end, is to mainly distribute web / pc content with the occational BD. Types will vary vastly, action, sports, interviews, etc.


      I shot a clip (1080P - 60fps) of some panning / zooming and tried to render it out using the default setting for 264 - High Quality but unless I render it out as 60P is jerkey / blurry during the pans.


      Am I doing something wrong ? Is there a hidden secret I have not stumbled on yet ?


      What do folks typically use for render settings.


      Here is a link, I posted 3 renders and the original video. Best to download them so that the web does not distort anything. Right click and download link as.