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    Serial Number Licensing Issue CS5.5?

    SpareWheel Level 2

      I come to the forum just about at the end of self-help and having Adobe Support take remote control of my system to what we thought was the "fix". (simply doing a permanent deactivation and reinstalling the product S/No.).


      The issue is having to input my product serial number at the start of every session by permanently deactivating and re-starting PPro as (especially) the Dolby Digital and MPEG-4 and H.264 codecs vanish from AME. Also this has knocked on to After Effects where I am now getting the "Output Template Missing..." error notice, which shows Flash F4V, FLV and H.264 options missing in the render drop-down when I start After Effects . All program files are up to date. I can leave the system overnight (no shut-down) and by the next morning I have to refresh the serial number.


      So it looks like I am getting retrograded back to the Trial Version.


      But even having "refreshed" the product serial number I am still getting "Output Module Missing..." in After Effects (missing as stated above). So perhaps there is another issue at work here?


      I have cleared the Preferences by SHIFT + CTRL + ALT at start up. Still have the problem. Now I need more help.


      I am running PC, Production Premium CS5.5 (Upgraded from CS4 about 18 months ago).


      Intel i7 970 Hex Core, 24GB Corsair @1600Mhz, Nvidia GTX 580, Gigabyte X58 OC MB - system is not overclocked. All temps are normal and run within parameters after stress testing. Mem Test after 3 passes show no errors.


      The system is used exclusively for Video Editing and no third party codec packages have been installed.


      System & Programs SSD (C:); Media Scratch (E:) Raid 0 twin HHD; Cache & Preview (W:) Raid 0 Twin HHD; Projects and Media (F:) single HDD.


      What I think brought on the issue (or appeared to exacerbate it) was changing out the MB (Asus P6T >>> Gigabyte X58 OC and having the RAM replaced by Corsair 1300 >>> 1600 Mhz)). All existing file structures (to my knowledge) stayed the same.


      However, I think this could be a red herring, as in the past I had been suffering from the occasional "Dynamic Link Requires Production Premium" error but not missing Dolby and other codecs as far as I could tell.


      I would instigate a fresh install, except that after a disk install I keep showing installation errors, as I did at the time of purchase of the disks (CS4 >>> CS5 upgrade). Adobe Support via remote access patched the system just to get the installation completed - disk >>> new update issues as far as I can tell.



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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There is this Licensing Repair Tool

          Have no idea if this is going to work


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            SpareWheel Level 2

            Thanks for this Ann,


            Sadly no different.


            Followed the instructions. Rebooted, still the same. No change.

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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              Are you running an Admin or normal user account?  Try creating a new Admin account.

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                SpareWheel Level 2

                Thanks Jim (and Ann) for your suggestions, but yes I am running Admin.


                However here is what I think has been happening:


                I bit the bullet and started to clean out Adobe for a new fresh install, preferring not to go for a total reformatting of the C drive. During the process the SSD C drive suddenly died - the motherboard controller refused to port the SSD - my C drive was dead in the water. Substituting a HDD drive for that port showed the problem to be the SSD.


                I have been using the OCZ Vertex 2 120GB (SATAII) as my C drive for about 12 months.


                I did a little research and there does appear to be reports of a variety of failures.


                OCZ Failure Feedback Here


                I used the SSD just for OS and Programs (my pagefile was removed to a faster RAID 0 pair).


                Today I used a new spare WD Caviar Black 500Gb HDD for my OS and reinstalled Production Premium CS5.5 from disks.


                Success! Although I had the errors reporting at the end of the installation which I now know to be false errors due to having a later install of Adobe Flash.


                See http://forums.adobe.com/message/3703652


                The serial number activation I reported, missing codecs AME and AE output template issues are now resolved.


                It is very possible I had some partial file corruptions or whatever the SSD was doing prior to its failure - in 20/20 hindsight there were signs over the last 2 weeks. I even had random error x116 (blue screening of my GTX580). And it was during an Adobe application install I had another x116 error and the SSD went belly up.


                The OCZ is being RMA'd and I think for the time being I will stick to HDD for the C drive, because it does appear everything is just flying at the moment.


                What a difference sometimes a good clean out makes every so often.


                Hope this helps someone else.