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    Premiere Pro CS6 & Decklink BM HD Extrme 3D Card Drifting Out Of Sync


      I have recently switched from Avid to Premiere Pro CS6.0.2 and had OOS issues with my first session.


      The challenge is that I am not sure if the issue is coming from the BM card, or from PP.


      The program is a PAL SD 52 minuter, and I received the finished video on Betacam SP, which I ingested, via PP.  I then worked on the audio post, with everything running in sync on my monitor.


      All audio was sent to Protools for naration recording to picture and then final mix and the mix re-imported to PP, to lay back to tape over the finished video.


      The audio was perfectly in sync at the start and then slowly drifted OOS as time went on (audio was running later and later).  By the end of 52 minutes, it was a good half second OOS.


      The workaround that I had to use, was to do a pickup in the commercial breaks (four in total) and this way I was able to play the program out more or less in sync.


      Where do I begin to troubleshoot where the issue is?


      This is on a new MacPro setup - 2X2.4 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon, running OS 10.7.5...  20G Ram and all audio and video was captured to a 6TB internal RAID.  I have a good reference plugged into the card.


      I think that I have the latest drivers for the BM card, but cannot remember where to check this (maybe someone could point me to where to look?)


      I am pulling my hair out and am nervous about continuing with this workflow on this series, but would really like to continue with Premiere.


      I would hugely appreciate any help