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    Make Flash player window full screen automatically, when it's opening

    Tharindulucky Level 1

      Hi, all.


      It's today I joined Adobe forums so, I don't know much about community guidlines and functionality here. So, pardon me if I do any mistake or something.


      This is my problem...


      I'm creating an interface with Adobe Flash Catalyst and I want it to be written to a CD and distributed to clients.


      When I publish swf, I cannot find an option to make flash player full screen.


      I want my SWF file to be opened in full screen mode when the user opens it.


      To the best of my knowledge, I think, I cannot do it with Catalyst as it doesn't have coding facilities.


      I hope Flash Builder is helpful with kind of times. But I know nothing about FB. Do you know how to do it with Flash Builder ?


      ( I mean, open my Catalyst project in Builder, then make the edits or something to make Flash player full Screen when opening )



      Thanks a lot,