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    Example PrE working well for me....

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      Most posts here are about something not working.  This one is an example of where everything about PrE11 worked to my satisfaction.


      Two weeks ago I made a Grand Canyon vacation video that used a lot of what I've read about and learned here.  It is a mix of video clips and still photos.  The camera produced audio was cut away and a music track was placed on Audio 2.  I bought the track on Amazon and recieved permission from the musician for non commercial use by email.


      Light conditions were not the best.  The photos were born as bracketed RAW files and processed in both Lightroom and Nik HDR Effects.  Almost all of the photos have the "Ken Burns" Pan and Zoom tool applied.  Some of the video clips were adjusted for color with the tools provided in PrE11.


      The video clips were shot on a Sony pocket camera set to AVCHD 1080p60, a format not fully supported in PrE versions before 11.  I'm using an i7 Windows laptop with lots of memory.


      Enjoy 5 minutes at the Grand Canyon Nation Park:  https://vimeo.com/64474485


      Thanks to the many of you that have helped me learn PrE!


      Bill S

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          Thank you for sharing, both the video and the post that PrE 11 worked for you - we do not see enough of those!


          The Canyon is a lovely spot on Earth, and I feel that everyone needs to experience it, even if only once.


          We hosted our Barrow UK Board in AZ, and all those, who did not play golf in our charity tournament yesterday, took a trip to the Grand Canyon. Everyone was in total awe of it. They also loved sunset in Sedona, on the way home.


          The music fit very well, and is a great departue from Grand Canyon Suite, by Ferde Grofé. That is nice too, but so overused that I have become very tired of even hearing it - especially with images of the Grand Canyon. Bill Webb did a very nice job.