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    Difficulty manipulating text box height

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      I am working on a file where I have spreads in which I want blocks of text to on both sides of the spread to line up at the top, (and bottom as much as possible), so I've been playing around with the height of the text boxes. The widths should stay the same.


      However, I'm finding it challenging. For example, in the attached, I'd like the empty space at the bottom of the block of text on the right side of the spread to go away. It looks like it should be just the right amount of room that if you bring the height of the text box down a bit and do the same with the left, everything will line-up on the right and the left perfectly on the top and either perfectly or close on the bottom AND without overflow text. Yet it always seems to go a little too far when I bring it down and there ends up being overflow text.


      Another problem that is created when I move the top of the text box to play with the height, is that many times it ends-up moving the entire text box, even though I've only touched the top, so where the type sits on the bottom margin (where I want it to be)  gets moved and the whole thing gets thrown off.


      Any suggestions for how to deal with this?





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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Not going to happen if you REALLY want things to stay aligned across the spreads unless you edit the text. I say that because I count a three-line space in a four-column layout. You also want to get rid of the very last paragraph return a the end o f the story before you start messing around.


          What might sort of work would be to set the vertical justification on the right-hand frame to Justify in the frame options, and also check the Balance Columns box. The frame should then have two columns that have text top to bottom, but the line spacing will no longer match the frame on the left.

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            MW Design Level 5

            Personally, I don't see what is wrong with the end of the spread.


            A couple things, you have a blank paragraph at the end of the 4th frame. Anything you try is going to attempt to act upon it as well. Second, you have 3 lines blank (after removing the blank paragraph) in the 4th column. 2 frames of two columns. Adjusting both frames will never work out.


            You can highlight the text and adjust tracking. Use small amounts. In the screen shot, I am using 6 ems.



            But this would be pretty fiddly throughout a publication. Same with manually kerning each spread.


            You can select the frames and in the Frame Options, choose to use Justify in the Vertical Justification section. That will probably be the easiest but it can bite you at times if you forget. It can affect lining up from side to side of the spread as far as leading goes.


            Take care, Mike

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              graph22 Level 1

              Thanks Mike. Where are you seeing a blank paragraph in the 4th column?

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                MW Design Level 5

                At the bottom you can see the end of story or paragraph marker. At least that's what I think the blue thing is in the screen shot. Eyes are failing, though.


                By the way, I evidently edited out the fact that adjusting the tracking and or kerning is best in that it doesn't affect leading. Judicious editing, if possible, also helps.