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    OAM problems again

    mobly Level 3

      I've been creating an interactive animation for a DPS project today, and its been going fairly well, until just now. The OAM file has just corrupted. one of the images, has been "swapped" for a graphic that I had used at the start of the day, but not used on the stage for hours, it is a similar graphic but a completely different name, and another png that is in an animated symbol has mysteriously shrunk. This only happens in the OAM, if I use the HTML file the graphics are fine, although the performance isnt as good on the iPad.Can anyone suggest how I could perhaps "refresh" the edge animate file to "uncorrupt the OAM" - I've tried deleting the indesign page, creating a new one and placing the OAM in a fresh indesign page, but that didnt work either!


      Any thoughts? OAM seem to be the real achilles heal of Edge Animate and DPS - sadly.






      Even though I deleted the unused png file, (from the source folder) so it was no longer in the library, it STILL appears in the OAM, but not the HTML file - WHAT IS GOING ON :-(

      If some one could look at my files that would be great, I'm quite sure it's the way I'm creating the project, so would love advice on how to avoid these issues as the OAM files do work better in DPS (why is that??)


      What is the best way to attach a zip folder in here? I've got dropbox but not sure how to place a folder hat doesnt need to be shared!

      Hope you guys can help