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    CS6 Membership


      I have just purchased a pay monthly subscription to Photoshop CS6, I had a bit of difficulty downloading it and then when I finally managed it I got a message saying that I had started a 30 day trial. Should I expect my membership not to work after 30 days?

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          Sign in with your Adobe ID to use your subscription.

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            Kurt Lang Level 1

            Sounds like you downloaded the trial PS CS6 software and not the version on the Creative Cloud page. You need to login to your Adobe account and navigate to the Creative Cloud software.


            1) Go to Adobe's main page and click the Sign In link at the upper right. A page will pop up asking for your Adobe ID and password.


            2) After entering that, you will be brought back to the first page. Your name will now show where the Sign In link was. Click on the arrow to the right of your name and choose My Adobe.


            3) On the resulting page, click on the link Adobe Creative Cloud on the left, about halfway down.


            4) You should then be on a web page showing three tabs; Files, Apps and Training. Click on the Apps tab.


            5) Download and install your Creative Cloud apps from there.

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              nishaantishu Level 1

              It only seems to be giving me the option to try it or learn more. Unless I'm missing something? I've had a confirmation email from adobe about my subscription so I know I did the paying part right...

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                Kurt Lang Level 1

                You seem to be choosing Creative Cloud from one of the various products pages. You can't get to the correct page that way. Follow the steps I outlined.


                The "main page" in step one meaning, http://www.adobe.com/

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                  nishaantishu Level 1

                  I've gone through the steps you outlined twice, just in case I was doing it wrong, and it still only gives me the option to try it. And when I look in My Adobe there doesn't seem to be any record of subscriptions in there. I do have an email confirming my subscription though, and an order number.

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                    Kurt Lang Level 1

                    If your purchase was just today, it may not be entered into Adobe's product server yet. Might take until later today or tomorrow to appear. You'll know it's active when you enter your account and click on the My subscriptions and services link, and an entry titled Creative Cloud membership (one-year) appears in the list. It will also be in the Products list just above that as Creative Cloud Individual (assuming you purchased an individual license). That entry will have a reveal arrow next to it. Clicking on that will show your Creative Cloud serial number, though you don't need to know it to use the items you install.

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                      nishaantishu Level 1

                      You were right, it wasn't active yet. But it is now and I think I've installed it no problem. Fingers crossed. Thank you for all your help!

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                        Kurt Lang Level 1

                        Yup, you should be good to go now and install any of the titles you want.