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    Copy image from clipboard to (several) x y coordinates using javascript loop

    BillQuick1957 Level 1

      I have an image (551 px by 709 px) which is on the clipboard.


      I would like this image to appear in my active document (3307 px by 4677 px)


      The x and y locations where I want the images to appear are:

      • x  = 200      y = 800
      • x = 751       y = 800
      • x = 1340     y = 800
      • x = 1929     y = 800
      • x = 200      y = 1509


      Can anyone help in creating a javascript loop?

      • - that uses the x and y values (to be stored in an array) and
      • - pastes/places the image in the active document at the x,y locations and
      • - the coordinates are for the left hand top of the image as beginning point.

      (Everything else concerning this project is already in javascript, but I can't  work this out).


      Help will be greatly appreciated.



      The last line of my code that pastes the image (above) on a new layer.



      From there on I got stuck.