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    Help with Titles in Premiere Pro




      So, I recently began to incorporate titles into my various projects in Premiere, but I have some issues.  Since I drag/insert the title into their own separate video track on my timeline, they overlay on top of the actual video I'm working with.  However, if I delete the main video track and just try to export the titles themselves as video, they no longer retain the transparent background as they did in the project.  Instead, they are titles on a black background.


      Is there any way to avoid this?  Keep the titles, but lose the background, so I can essentially overlay that video on top of another in after effects?  Even when using dynamic link to connect to after effects, the titles lose their transparency.


      I'm trying to export a dvd compliant video, but I've had no luck so far.


      Any help would be appreciated.



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          In the case of the Export, and since the Title has a Transparent background, it sees nothing, without a Clip of some sort below it, and show black.


          While I have not tried it, can you Export with an Alpha Channel, and get the Transparency?


          Good luck, and maybe others have found a good way to Export a Title with Transparency.



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            Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            For transparancy:

            Export as an avi, codec set to none and bitdepth 32.

            For mac that will be mov, animation codec and depth set to 32.

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              bigmanfontu Level 1

              Let me try that.  But if the video itself is long.  Something like an hour and a half..and I export using no codec set, won't the video file be gigantic?

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                Steven L. Gotz Level 5

                Let me ask ...


                Are your titles contantly in motion, meaning that a large file is probably your only shot,  or would it suffice to turn your carefully crafted titles into PNG files that could easily be used in After Effects?


                I find your question a bit odd because I find it much easier to create my titles in After Effects than in Premiere Pro if there is going to be any motion. For still titles I can surely see the advantage of Premiere Pro's titler.


                When I want to take a title into After Effects, I merely export as a PNG and include the Alpha channel.

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                  Jim_Simon Level 8

                  Seems like you're going about things the hard way, here.  Why not just create the titles in AE to begin with?

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                    bigmanfontu Level 1

                    Great question.  Well, unless I completely overlooked something, After Effects doesn't appear to have the same "playhead" capabilities that Premiere has.  In Premiere it's super easy getting these titles synced because of that feature.  It let's you scrub back and fourth and even does so with audio.  Very convenient.  But I can't find it in After Effects?


                    Also in regards to exporting the media, I tired the avi settings and the file was super huge.  However, I also tried the mac settings, even though I'm using Windows, and exporting via quicktime worked the best.