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    CS5 will not start


      Hi Guys.  After running perfectly for months my CS5 will now not start from either the icons or the applications folder.  I've done the following;


      1. Uuninstalled it.

      2. Deleted all the relevant folders.

      3. Run the clean up utility.

      4. Rebooted the computer.

      5, Reinstalled CS5.

      6. Run the updater.

      7. Restarted the computer.


      Everything else (Bridge, RAW etc) works fine, and if I open the CS5 package and run the unix executable it fires up.  The terminal window does say "No javatime present, requesting insatll", but I have the latest Java running on my machine.  I'm running OSX on a 2012 imac i7.  All software and drivers are upto date.  Any ideas?  Thanks.