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    Creating A Motion Comic



      I'm currently creating a Motion Comic for my Major and looking for some tips or tutorials.

      I am separating my layers in Photoshop and importing to AE, but find it hard to make the background look "flawless" with the cloning tools. I have some elements that will move across the background and reveal the cloned parts, so I wonder how the professionals do it. Looking at Motion Comics, they all look so seamlessly integrated.


      Since it is my first time creating a motion comic, I will go for something simplistic.

      I wish to use camera moves, zoom in/out, slight movement of foreground elements/characters across scene as well as perhaps adding a short hand drawn dance sequence. There will be 2 songs and some SFX added lastly.


      However, I think it may be too difficult to do the dance animation in the short amount of time I have, so considering drawing key frames of the dance and freeze them while I zoom in or something.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated:)



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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I'm just guessing that you are scanning or photographing your artwork and then attempting to separate elements. Usually animators work with completely separate layers. Making a seamless background from a cutout requires some skill and depending on the subject can be done fairly easily with the Content Aware fill. It would really help to know a little more about your project and maybe see a bit of your artwork.

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            TKFauske Level 1

            Thanks for your reply!

            Yes that's what I've been doing so far. I figured later that it would probably have been easier to create the layers digitally.

            I am a fan of traditional means though, so wanted to give myself a challenge.


            I tried the clone tools, healing brush and content aware fill with varying results. Perhaps I just have to switch between them all?



            Here's a few examples. It's my first attempt at a comic so not superb..


            Page 2 test.jpg

            1)Test Page Layout- The idea will be to move from frame to frame as you would in a comic book, but with camera movement etc.




            Panel 4.jpg


            2) In this panel I wish to move the glass and hand upwards as if the character's lifting it.





            Panel 12.jpg

            3) Here I want to add a Camera pan to left with a 2.5d effect on the character and perhaps slight

            movement of background characters.




            My story focuses on two characters mostly and is a romantic story with emphasis on motion, gestures, dance and how it can communicate a message.



            Thanks for having a look!

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              You might wanna look up some Photoshop tutorials... Yes, you'll have to use combinations of all the tools and may even need to re-draw considerable parts. And you should indeed work in layers and draw some clean plates. Capturing naturalistic painting styles otherwise is pretty difficult...



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                TKFauske Level 1

                Okey. Yeah I'm trying to absorb everything I can of tutorials:) I was fearing that I might have to re-draw it, but seems there's no way around it.


                Thanks alot!