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    Issues with Real-time Playback?




      I am working on an animated film and I am having trouble getting my footage to playback real time in Premiere 6. It is making it impossible to edit.


      It plays choppy.  Will stop on a frame.  Doesn't catch up on the edits.


      Here are my computer Specs:

      MacBook Pro

      2.5 ghz intel core i7

      8 gb mhx DDR3

      AMD Radeon HD 6770M 1024 MB

      OSX Lion 10.7.5


      Sequence Specs:

      24 fps


      spuare pixels

      progressive scan

      24fps timecode



      Footage Specs

      24 fps



      file size between 2MB - 300KB


      Sequence length 4:18


      I have trolled all of the forums to see if there was anything to change to no avail:

      • I tried both setting the Project set to MPE with GPU amd MPE with software. No difference either way.
      • Playback resolution is at 1/4
      • I've closed all applications.
      • Optimized my drive.
      • Restarted.
      • Updated to 6.0.2


      Anyone have similar issues?  Any ideas on my set-up?