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    Flash Player installation refuses to believe that I have closed Windows 7. Thus, it fails to load.


      I have made repeated attempts to load Flash Player 11 this morning. I thought I had it, but now my Windows 7 laptop says I don't and some programs are demading the current version. I click on the download from Adobe. It downloads 50% and tells me to close Windows. I close Windows. It tells me to close Windows. I hit retry. It tells me to close Windows. The download refuses to accept that I have closed Windows, leaving me no option but to cancel the installation. Adobe asks for feedback, but to submit feedback or to ask for help I have to subscribe to this forum that I have no interest in and would only use if an Adobe installation isn't working. A 2 minute chore before going for a walk is 25 minutes and counting, the hope of the walk a distant memory. Help!


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