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    Checkbox GONE! No opt-out for McAfee now! WHAT???

    xyz88888 Level 1

      I can't belive this! I just updated my Flash Player to v. 11.7.700.169  I've been using FP for over ten years, and have long despised the perpetual attempt to install McAfee Security Crap as some bundled "feature". BUT having the ability to uncheck the option, I learned to keep my focus on my work and not let it throw me any more. NOW, the update process did not EVEN GIVE ME THE OPT-OUT. As soon as I clicked on the installer EXE, a progress window poppeed up with two lines: one for FP and one underneath that for CrapAfee. The progress lines started filling in from 0% to 100%. Because I have a very fast internet connection, BOTH DOWNLOADED AND INSTALLED BEFORE I COULD STOP IT!!! ARRRRRRGHHHHHHH!!! I FEEL LIKE MY COMPUTER HAS BEEN RAPED! WHAT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO DO THIS??? I AM FURIOUS! Has Adobe lost its mind? Seriously, this is the stuff of CLASS ACTION LAWSUITS. I know McAfee has a lot of experience in those!



      Dave Kinsey (current, but possibly not future, Adobe customer)