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    ioError  2038 when uploading on MAC OS X

      I have for some time tried to upload files with Flex's ability to do so... but to my surprice it seems that this feature is not supported on all operating systems.

      Using my Flex upload app on windows causes no problems no matter what browser is used, but on Mac on the other hand the upload attempt always fails due to the ioError 2038. The exact error code is this:

      ioError event:(flash.events::IOErrorEvent)#0
      bubbles = false
      cancelable = false
      currentTarget = (flash.net::FileReference)#1
      creationDate = Tue Jun 21 16:40:36 GMT+0200 2005
      creator = (null)
      modificationDate = Tue Jun 21 16:40:37 GMT+0200 2005
      name = "1024.jpg"
      size = 160966
      type = (null)
      eventPhase = 2
      target = (flash.net::FileReference)#1
      text = "Error #2038"
      type = "ioError"

      the event:ProgressEvent is triggered but then stops caused by the ioError.

      It is also important to note that the PHP script on the server that handles the uploading, never is reached when making the request from a MAC. From a windows pc there is no problem.

      What to do? Am I missing mime types or what? I write request.contentType = "multipart/form-data";

      As of now I can not use Flex to upload files in real life because of this which is really sad.

      Another thing that I'm puzzled by is that compiled files (*.swf) is really to big. For instance my source code (*.mxml) is only 15Kb in size but when compiled dazzling 255Kb... Why on earth?

      Please help.