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    Using 1080 in 720 Sequence  hurts RT


      I often shoot in 1920x1080 and then edit in 1280x720.  Because I do a number of 'interview' projects that only need to be deliverd in 720, this allows me a 40-50% upscal on my interviews (basically a closeup and medium shot without having to change the camera during shooting)  In FCP I never had any RT (real time playback) issues doing this.  I have found in CS5.5 that when I do this, every single clip needs to render because it's being scaled.  If I do a second layer for b-roll it gets worse.  (note, just dropping in the single clip gives me a red bar and if I place a b-roll clip on track 2 over the interview, it stutters and pauses).


      Here's my question.  I am working on the following system:


      MacPro 4,1 (2009)

      OS  10.6.7

      2x 2.26 GHz Quad Intel

      20GB Ram

      GeForce GT120


      System & Software on Internal 7200 Drive #1

      Media on Internal 7200 Drive #2 (not a raid)

      Project on Inernal 7200 Drive #3


      Is there anything I can do short of a complete new system that will improve the RT performance of using 1080 footage in a 720 sequence? 


      While I know any of the following will help a system, will any of the following alleviate this problem.  If so which one and how much (or what recommended product) for each?

      -Seutp Raid0 ?

      -Faster Graphics Card?

      -More Ram?


      Is there mac system that will make this work without having to render every clip? 


      Will Premiere Pro Next address this issue?