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    cleaning cache

    cfg_2451 Level 2

      I want to clean out the cache / database now that I've finished a big string of projects. I don't expect to have to do any more work with these projects, and if I do I'm perfectly content to let PPro re-conform the files and make new cache entries. I'm thinking that reducing the files should help peformance a bit, and reduce hard drive useage quite a bit.


      Thing is, what I'm reading in the help files is this:


      Cleaning the database and cache with the Clean button does not remove files that are associated with footage items for which the source files are still available. To manually remove conformed files and index files, navigate to the media cache folder and delete the files.


      I'd like to leave my projects on the hard drive where they sit (I periodically make a copy of the entire drive; the copies sit in a file cabinet offline). Which means that the source files are "still available" even if I'm not using them. Which means that cleaning the cache does... nothing, if I read the help files correctly.


      If I've still got the source files available, is there any way to clear the cache of old files other than manually digging through the cache files?

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          joe bloe premiere Level 5

          When you use Media Cache Database > Clean (red),

          you will delete the database files only.


          To delete the Media Cache Files themselves, navigate

          to the specified location (green), open the folder named

          'Media Cache Files', select all then delete.


          Any still active Projects (or restored archives) will re-create the

          Cache Database and re-generate the Media Cache Files when opened.

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            Steven L. Gotz Level 5

            Well, I put all of my cache files on a dedicated drive. So when I want to clean things up, the entire drive gets erased. Simple.


            But if you store your cache with the project files you will have to manually delete them. They are not hard to spot. In fact, if you pay attention to the file extensions, you can easily search your entire drive for those extensions and wipe them each out with one quick click. Just remember to empty your trash.


            In fact, while writing this I went in and deleted 200G of cache and preview files. I guess I hadn't done that since I got back from vacation in early April.