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    No opt-in for Google Chrome and Chrome Toolbar in Flash Player update???!!!


      Who gave you the right to force users to install Chrome and the Chrome Toolbar WITHOUT THEIR KNOWLEDGE?  Did it ever occur to you that your customers might have GOOD REASON not to want to install Chrome and the Chrome Toolbar, OR ANY OTHER SOFTWRE YOU FOIST UPON THEM WITHOUT NOTIFICATION IN A FLASH PLAYER UPDATE!!!???  This is the height of arrongance. From this point on I will NEVER trust an Adobe update. And, if I can find it, I'll also use other vendor's software products.  I've been a BIG Adobe fan since I first started using your products in 1988.  NOT ANYMORE!!!  I've read and ignored the ever-growing chorus of Adobe customers who have become disenchanted with your software and your business practices, believeing that this was the ramblings of a minority of your customers.  But after this morning's forced installation of Google Chrome and Google Toolbar I realize that these customers are correct in their assessment of your company.  Consider me one less satisfied customer who will be telling the proverbial 13 people how utterly dissatisfied I am with your business practices.