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    Audio Sync Issues Rendering Non-Standard FPS Sources

    EntWebDS Level 1

      I am using Premiere Pro to render clips taken with my Samsung Galaxy S3 which shoots Hi Def 1080p (1920x1080).  The problem is that it is not precise with respect to fps.  It shoots somewhere between 29.85 and 30 fps.  When I play the video on VLC or WMP, it plays back fine; however, when import the video into Premiere, a video of 6 minutes or so has a lag (or advance, as the case may be) of up to a full second or more with repect to the audio track by the end of the video.  Since neither track grows or shrinks and the sync issue is progressive as the video progresses, it is not a simple matter of moving the audio up or down in the timeline or changing the speed of the video. 


      How does one properly use video that is not a standard frame rate?  Surely this is a common problem with a simple solution that I am not aware of.  Please help!