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    Stage constantly moves left when reopening file.


      I guess my first and most simple question is...Why is there no ability to PAN?!


      Everytime I reopen a file the whole stage moves to the left side of the screen, off center. It's driving me nuts at this point and it's just weird that you give no way to move the stage back to the center of the program window. It makes me a bit neurotic not being able to see whats going on to the left of the stage, I have text, images and other objects over there but no way to pan over to see it all other than zooming way out and hoping I'm able to see it.


      How do you center the stage or just do a simple pan so i can see all my work?


      As a note, I have tried the mousewheel and shift+mousewheel but this does NOT work to bring the stage back to the center of the window, and the little drag bar on the bottom is not showing up. The CENTER THE STAGE button down on the lower left corner does not work, clicking it does nothing.




      It should be as simple as holding the middle-mouse button and dragging to move the stage around. Please add this ability.