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    AE lost my control plus, minus and reduce in Top RH corner? Tech Help!

    Netcommercial Level 1

      Hi all,

      I have a strange thing going on. I could swear there used to be the standard Browser control of  - + and reduce box in the Top RH corner like in any window and every other adobe product. However, I got a virus it was hiding in Adobe reader. I believe I cleaned it as I scanned with two different virus companies. Both came up nothing found. Cleared my Temp folder, dumped trash after un installing AE. Re installed AE and still no window control?


      Plus in my system start tray where my programs are where Adobe Master Collection Folder is I open that an my AE icon is a generic icon, although it will work as a shortcut.


      The other thing is that it  is evident in my task bar as a 'pinned icon' Here is a screen shot of AE with no + or - in top corner...

      Win7 Pro Srv Pk1

      3770k intel

      z77 mobo

      Nividia quadro 4000


      All is updated drivers/versions


      I also lost Adobe Reader as I had to uninstall as that was the Trojan file home. I stuck the disc in but did not see the icon to re-install.

      ae screen.PNG