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    Error opening RH7 project from Source Control

      I started with a RoboHelp 5 project and opened it in RH7 which prompted me to convert the project. After converting it successfully, I added it to Source Control. We are using MKS Source Integrity, so I configured RH7 to add MKS SCC Integration. It adds all of the files successfully and everything is working well.

      Multiple users need access to this help project so I go to another developers machine and pull down a sandbox of the project files by choosing File - Open then in the Tools drop down within the open dialogue choosing Open from Source Control. After it pulls down all of the project files and begins to open the project it throw the following error messages:

      1. The file !Language!/en_US/<project_name>.syn is not a member of <project>
      2. The file !Language!/en_US/<project_name>.phr is not a member of <project>
      3. The file !Language!/en_US/<project_name>.ign is not a member of <project>

      when I look in Source control I see that these 3 files were added to the project when first created but for some reason the SCC Integration doesn't see them.

      Any ideas?