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    Unload Movie problem


      I made a flash file called "sss_menu.swf" which has 5 tabs (home, story, profile, gallery, and about me) that uses the loadmovie function to load their own .swf files, and nothing else. It's a base. So the menu, when clicked, home loads the movie "sss_home.swf", story loads "sss_story.swf" etc.

      But I'm combining this menu to a group main menu called "menu.swf" that will load multiple individual menus. So the "menu.swf" after clicking a certain button will load "sss_menu.swf", and for example other individual menus such as "aaa_menu.swf" and "bbb_menu.swf".


      If I want to move from the "sss_story.swf" to the "aaa_menu.swf" for example, my story.swf file doesn't unload. What should I do to unload it?