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    Extension Manager automatically disables after install in DW CS6


      I have had the Google Sitemap extension up and running in Dreamweaver CS6 for a while, and then it suddenly disappeared. I went to the extension manager and it claimed to still be installed. I tried reinstalling it, which went smoothly. I got the little box saying that I would be able to access it from the Commands-Miscellaneous menu. I hit OK, and then suddenly a box comes up that says "disabling." It then disables the extension "successfully" without my permission and there is no way to enable it. I went through this several times.


      How can I make this stop?? I love this extension and I want to be able to use it!


      I have two other extensions with warnings next to them. They say "extension status is not consistent with extension set configuration." What does that mean and how do I fix it? These two extensions are Creative DW Image Effects and Creative DW Image Show PRO. I cannot access these two extensions via Dreamweaver either. Any help would be greatly appreciated.