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    Linked correctly but, going to main menu instead of playing footage. Why?

    EdwurdAdam Level 1



      I am working in Encore CS 5.1


      I have built a 9 menu Blu-Ray DVD with a 2 and a half hour wedding as the project.


      I linked everything up and it should be ready to burn.


      When I went to Preview it and make sure all the links work, most of them did.


      A few of them would go back to the main menu for some reason.  


      Let me explain, I am testing out the links and mostly all worked fine. When I press some of them, they would play for about a second then go back to my main menu.


      Why is this happening?


      I linked up all the buttons to the chapters the right way.


      Should I just go and burn the DVD as a test to see if it's working correctly or not?


      If not, what should do?


      Thanks in advance


      Encore CS 5.1