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    SSD failed-after new boot SSD/after recovery of old Boot drive PS6 crashes-cannot open-error msgs


      My SSD boot drive failed. Installed new SSD boot drive and running OS 10.7.5. Recovered all Applications from Time Machine.  However, PS6 will not open and instantly crashes. Any suggestions?


      I get messages like "Could not load the Enable Async I/O module  and MMX Core Routines Module and Multiprocessor Support Module because it (they) does not work with this version of PS.


      I downloaded PS6 as an upgrade to PS5 in late 2012. I have had these same error messages since the upgrade to CS6, but at least I could use PS6 even though messages occurred.


      ANY IDEAS?


      P.S. My Lightromm 4.4 works just fine after the above procedure. It's only PS6 that is not working at all.