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    SSD failed-after new boot SSD/after recovery of old Boot drive PS6 crashes-cannot open-error msgs

    womangrove Level 1

      My SSD boot drive failed. Installed new SSD boot drive and running OS 10.7.5. Recovered all Applications from Time Machine.  However, PS6 will not open and instantly crashes. Any suggestions?


      I get messages like "Could not load the Enable Async I/O module  and MMX Core Routines Module and Multiprocessor Support Module because it (they) does not work with this version of PS.


      I downloaded PS6 as an upgrade to PS5 in late 2012. I have had these same error messages since the upgrade to CS6, but at least I could use PS6 even though messages occurred.


      ANY IDEAS?


      P.S. My Lightromm 4.4 works just fine after the above procedure. It's only PS6 that is not working at all.