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    Pre 11 - Lost saved work

    P1965 Level 1

      While working on a project, adding media and effects etc, also rendering and saving the file on a regular basis, and previewing - then all of a sudden this dreaded message appears; "Premiere Elements has stopped working".  Fine, close the program expecting to lose some work but....... upon reopening, at least 2 hrs of the previous work is gone as in none of it saved! ... back to where I started.  


      Anyone know the reason for this, or if this work can be retrieved?  In the past, I have found copies of the project in the same folder but this time nothing....


      Fresh disk clean and defrag, followed by reinstall of PrE 11,


      - Win 7 64bit

      - AMD 2.2 tri core  - 6G RAM

      750G HDD  scratch = 1T storage HDD

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          P1965 Level 1

          I did find the "autosaved" files but latest version was 1.5 hrs old,... but at least was able to recover a lot of work.....  Still, why does it not keep the last save..?

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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            Make sure you've manually gone to Windows Update and downloaded the "hidden" updates as well s those that are installed automatically. Also, make sure you have the latest version of Quicktime and the latest driver for your video card from the ATI or nVidia sites.


            There are also a number of other tune-ups that I recommend. Running Disk Cleanup and Defragmenter regularly. Also running Spybot Search & Destroy. Turning off Windows Indexing. I also have found that Microsoft Security Essentials is the most effective and least intrusive anti-virus -- and it's free!


            Other than that, a lot depends on your source video. What model of camcorder is your video coming from and what format and resolution is it? Did you use Premiere Elements to get the video from your camcorder to your computer?

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Can you give us details on your I/O sub-system, i.e. your HDD's, their size (that is covered above), the amount of defragmented free-space, their speed, and very importantly here, the controller/connection type?


              Also, where is the Project located, an internal HDD, an external, or networked HDD, etc.?


              I also use a mix of Saves, Save_As and finally Save_As_a_Copy, plus my AutoSaves. Note: with Save_As, and Save_As_a_Copy, a new set of AutoSaves will be started. This article goes into more detail: http://forums.adobe.com/message/3392837#3392837


              Good luck, and remember that the AutoSaves are FIFO, so be sure to check their Time/Date, as AutoSave 3 might be newer, than AutoSave 5.



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                P1965 Level 1

                Most of the above suggestions have been done and the program has worked well in the past. The drives are all internal (7200 - 64mb cache), connected via SATA2, and HDD free space is huge with at least 900 G free on the scratch disc (non partitioned) and 500 free on the main drive (C).  Disk clean and defrag are run regularly too, weekly at minimum.

                Still, the Pre 11 program typically will freeze on occasion, but usually starts itself again shortly without issues and can live with that  -  until now when it just stops and data is lost.. 

                Video is direct from a (.mov) file that has worked well in the past and on previous versions of elements.

                Also, I have followed the tutorials on photo resizing and project settings to optimize the resulting videos and have burned files and discs in several formats, yielding about the same result in quality either way.... apart from the irritating flicker or shudder of a few stills with 3D effects added (another topic about that was started) The dated auto save files were a big help, but did still lose about an hours work, so now as a precaution, just save and close, shut down and restart it all to clean the RAM.

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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  We still can't give you any specific suggestions without knowing the model of camcorder your video is coming from and its format and resolution.

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                    P1965 Level 1

                    For what it's worth, most stall or lag (freeze up) happens when accessing the titles or attempting to edit fonts or type in a title. This has always been an issue and discovered that it is very slow in opening / displaying these features.  By slow 'mousing' and a click then wait a few seconds helps, while it responds.... patience is a virtue.


                    For the Vid source question:

                    The video is from a few sources.  One clip from an older model Cannon dig camera, converted to AVI prior to importing to Pre.  Some videos are from an iPhone 4S (.MOV) imported directly from folder to Pre, and other clips are from several sources that were also converted to AVI prior to import.


                    Not doubting the video could be the root of the problem, just think it's odd since these files have been in the project that I've been working on for nearly 2 months, with no issues like this to date.


                    Footnote:  It does seem however, that more lag issues, stalls and now this new problem, all started a couple weeks back when a new drive was installed and further set up (as recommended) to to be the scratch disk, and program set up on main drive.  Before doing this, when it was all on one drive, there did seem to be fewer problems....


                    (Maybe it's the recent conversion of the MP3 files to WAV format?...  )

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      A few observations, that might, or might not play into the hanging/crashing issues:


                      • PrE's Titler is very sensitive to fonts. A corrupt, or even just poorly-written font can crash Titler. See this article: http://forums.adobe.com/message/4185832#4185832
                      • A lot of iPhone footage can be problematic, as it uses variable FPS, which Premiere has issues with. See this thread on the PrPro Forum: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1110005?tstart=90
                      • PCM/WAV Audio should not be an issue, and is far better than working with MP3's.
                      • If you have a new HDD, have you insured that it is properly installed in the computer's BIOS Setup, as well as in the OS?


                      Good luck,



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                        Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                        Converting video is very touchy business, unless you know what you're doing. Simply converting a file to an AVI can make it less rather than more compatible with the program.


                        Why aren't you just setting up your project for iPhone video and using the video directly from the iPhone?

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                          P1965 Level 1

                          Thanks for the suggestions:  The drives are properly recognised and configured in both BIOS and OS.

                          The problem occuring with the titler is not when attempting to change fonts, but rather, prior to that when:

                          By just clicking on the "Your text here",

                          Sometimes it crashes, not allowing any changes or edits, ....sometimes it only momentarily freezes up.... again, only with just one click on the text area.  Most often, just wait it out after the initial click and hope it stays running.


                          I have found that converting the video files to AVI, then replacing the footage with the new  file seems to help a bit and there doesn't seem to be a loss in video quality.   In previous versions, (Pre 8),  converting camera videos to MPG, then importing to a project worked as well, again with unnoticed quality loss that I can see.....


                          Also, to reduce risk of crash and further speed up the processing of large projects during 'burning to disc',  I also found that exporting sections (each DVD menu) of the project to AVI files (named same as menu items) then import these AVI's in sequence to a new project, then subsequently burning the DVD from there, results in a considerably faster burn and again, the quality doesn't seem to be sacrificed.   (played on a 60" LED 1080P TV)

                          (but then, I do have aging eyes....)

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                            P1965 Level 1

                            The video conversions to AVI were done from the Pre11 project:  Ie: exported to file via AVI format.  These seem to work well as I detailed above.

                            The main reason I am not transferring video direct from phone to Pre11, is because the footage is from various dates and therefore was previously transferred to the PC over time.  The video is brought into Pre11 from a folder(s) as well as other media, all stored on the scratch disc in folders as suggested.