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    Hardware requirements to view HD video renders???

    StaceeJaxx Level 1

      I am perplexed beyond understanding with this particular topic and am hoping that some of the hardware gurus on this forum (although I could easily have posted this on the Premiere forum as well) can help me.


      I render an HD Video 1920 X 1080 in After Effects and the resulting project is nearly 2GB in size. Problem is I can't see buy the first two or three seconds before my hardware breaks down. The video continues to "play", but my screen is "stuck" on the last frame at two seconds.


      I THOUGHT I had some pretty heavy duty software - MacPro, dual Xeon processors, 16GB RAM, but, NOPE, don't cut the mustard.


      I know that Cray supercomputers have been discontinued, but I don't think I'd have the 25million dollars to buy one anyhow.


      What, in heaven's name, do people use to view this type of video?


      I just don't get it. Why render this video if nothing can see it?


      CLEARLY I don't have the right output parameters set, but no matter how many times I try to understand setting them, they make no sense.


      I'm going to render out a project and then put it into Premiere, so I don't want to compress a video and then compress it AGAIN when I render it out of Premiere.


      What's a fellow to do?


      Any CONCEPTUAL things that can help me understand how all this works?





      OK - re-rendered at h264 rather than "Best Setting" and the video plays just fine. But same question...now that the video has been "compressed" it will be compressed again when I render out the final Premiere project???