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    Opening multiple pictures in Photoshop

    Lyndonhr Level 1

      I am working on a picture file, jpegs, changing the size, the level, etc. I open several pictures usually

      3 or 4 and when I try to open the next I receive a pop up error message that says: "Could not

      complete your request because of a program error.” This has just started to happen recently,

      probably since I upgraded to CS6. Previously I could work on a file and have 100 or so pictures

      open and still be able to open additional pictures. I have downloaded and in installed all available

      updates and the message I receive when I check for updates is: “Your applications are up-to-date

      as checked less than a minute ago.” I tried to Edit>Purge>All, Reset Preferences, Deleted the

      Adobe Photoshop Ver. 6 Prefs.psp folder and pressed Ctrl+Alt+Shift on Photoshop startup and

      deleted Adobe Photoshop Settings file. Did not work, what next?