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    A Complain To Adobe

    Joe Bodego Level 1

      As the start of another weeks dawns and most of us come face to face with our “income earning” pursuits, I am faced again with Adobe and its suite of software that is a source of Terror, stress and a lack of productivity in our lives. I would attempt to list the stressful situation we face by using Adobe’s suit of products. I do it without any profanity, childish name callings or language of ranting.

      • (1) Program launch Time: On average we use Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Premier and After Effects. On average each program takes a full 2 minutes to launch and ready to use, Adobe programs has this habit of pretending to be ready but is not quite ready, just try clicking on say the “File” menu. The biggest offender here is Photoshop with Illustrator a close second. Indesign is no better and constantly reverts to its default settings even with our custom settings saved. This is quite annoying as we cater to an international clientele with different measurement settings, imagine the time wasted with a client in Europe using the metric system and an American with the imperial standards.
      • (2) Program False Exit: At least three time a week we are surprise to see an adobe program “Illustrator is the biggest offender” running when it was closed three days ago, we usually has to force quit the offending application.
      • (3) Destroying the session: When an adobe program misbehaves and they often do, it brings the entire system down. An example being Dreamweaver and any browser use for previewing. When Dreamweaver slows to a crawl, so does the browser, and any other program you may be running even notepad that draws little system resources. It seems that no matter what’s done after including closing the programs, the session is dead resulting in a complete and time consuming system restart.
      • (4) Fonts: As desktop publishers we know better than to copy all of our thousands of fonts to the fonts directory. We use Extensis suitcase to load the font sets kept on an external USB 3 drive, yet every time we launch Photoshop the “Initializing fonts” popup comes up and lingers for up to 5 minutes before anything can be done. Sure we have big sets of fonts loading into suitcase but no more than 150 fonts that we know are clean, most being from Adobe’s own fonts library.
      • (5) Sluggishness: Sure this could be blamed on a myriad of things but we’ve seen this sluggish slow behavior primarily with Adobe’s programs, Photoshop sometimes just comes to a halt with the simplest of task like opening a 4mb jpeg. We just can’t put our fingers on it. With 8Gigs of ram with frequently defrag and system maintenance, we just don’t understand why Photoshop would just freeze for 5 minutes as we watch the status bar slowly progresses. It seems as though it’s a big “no, no” to have Dreamweaver and Photoshop running, not to mention Adobe bridge, now that’s another story. Multi-tasking with adobe products seems to be a pipe dream.

        Adobe’s programs are a major source of stress in our Multimedia business, I’ve heard the mildest and calmest of people use profanity dozens of times a day as they try to earn a living using Adobe’s programs. Smoke and coffee breaks are a usual sign that an Adobe program is creeping, freezing or has caused the system to be restarted. Adobe must take the time to realize that some of us are real users, earning our living using their products and not some recreational user who downloaded a cracked copy to experiment. We’ve tried everything, from more memory to no web connection and even a system with just the adobe suite of program installed, yet the programs are still problematic to use. Seems everyone is reading from the same outdated diagnostic book with the same old questions like “What anti-virus program are you using” I can’t tell you how annoying it is that after waiting two days for an answer, the question is answered by another question. We wish we could dump adobe’s suit but their monopoly is in full effect, there just isn’t another Photoshop or Dreamweaver out there. The final cut guys on the Mac are frequently laughing at the premier guys on windows 7 and 8. All in all Adobe’s products have great features but there is something wrong with their products, something very, very wrong. On an average week, we loose five and a half hours of non-productivity due to Adobe’s programs, that’s 27 hours a month, 324 hours a year or 13 days a year, now that’s real money in any lauguage..
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          Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This is a user to user forum - Adobe would not be visiting these forums to read your reply.


          You're best off to contact Adobe directly via their Contact forms and email/phone.



          I think you have some issues with your computer - what are your computer specs.


          What versions of Adobe are you running? Does your computer(s) match the Minimum Spec specified for each program.


          What operating system are you using?



          1 - could be do with your system specs and/or your hard drive speed - what are your system specs, what is your hard drive speed.


          2 - Some programs can take a long time to exit, I experience this with InDesign - and I think it's just dumping the memory. It's probably a good idea to save and exit a program after prolonged use and restart the program. There's a checklist here of things to try http://indesignsecrets.com/why-is-indesign-soooo-slow.php


          3. - I think this is a system issue. I recommend that you do a system clean with a tool like CCleaner - also uninstall any programs that you are not using at all (I'm not talking about Adobe Programs here). I think that a clean of the registry with CCLeaner would also help. Also it would do no harm to take a look at the Startup items and remove any program that is starting up in the background when the system is booting, turning off unessential startup programmes will free system resources and allow a faster boot time.


          4. I susggest you bring that issue up on the Extensis website - I don't think InDesign/Photoshop/et al programs are designed to work that way - it's a bit unusual for me.


          5. 4mb jpeg is not that big but it's big enough. Have you taken a look at optimising the Photoshop Cache? http://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/kb/optimize-performance-photoshop-cs4-cs5.html




          I don't think there is anything wrong with their products - I think you should look at optimising your system to help run the programs a bit better and you will have a much more pleasant time.



          Some people buy a beautiful car and it doesn't have a good enough engine to perform in the top races - similarly some people buy beautiful computers, but the hardware (engines) aren't good enough to run to the tracks (programmes) - sometimes even with the worlds most beautiful engine they need to be tweaked to be inline with the programs they are running.