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    Does this great feature already exist?


      It would save me tons of time if there were three buttons that did this:

      1. Find the last cut by backtracking, then place the "i" there.

      2. Find the next cut by forward-tracking, then place the "o" there.

      3. Do both at once, instantly.


      I mean that instead of me reversing/fast-forwarding to get to the end of a cut, then fine-tuning with the arrow keys, Pr would do this for me. It doesn't have to be perfect, and it wouldn't be. I would then manually verify this by pressing the left or right key once to see if the next/previous frame is completely different (a cut).

      This would save vast amounts of time for my workflow. Very often do I want just a given "cut" from part of a scene, and this would be perfectly possible to accomplish technically. I am so sure about this I half expect it to already be in CS6, but I don't think so. Maybe in CS7?